The most important facts in brief

Initial situation

In the opinion of Mr Karl Fuchs, a qualified hotelier and wine academic, the wine list in the restaurant and hotel industry is incomprehensibly designed for a large proportion of guests. “They get lost in it, need help – simply, we overwhelm them!”

Today’s self-confident guests want to drink good wines, but they also want to be able to make their own choice based on the available information about the wine. And this without long and tedious searching through huge wine lists. The newly designed wine system by Mr. Fuchs takes care of this problem: It is designed for all hotel and gastronomy businesses that want to present their wines to the guests in a clear, informative and simple way, so that they can make their purchase decision themselves!

The wine list of gastronomic and hotel businesses is completely rebuilt according to Mr. Fuchs’ system. The 5 different wine categories (red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, sweet wine, fortified wine) are divided into 4 different groups, from simple, light wines to heavy, full-bodied wines. In addition, each wine is described by simple, easy to understand and informative standard details. With the new system, the guest’s needs are indispensably placed in the centre, the selection for the perfect wine is simplified and made customer-oriented.

The advantages for guests and hotels/restaurants are obvious: the tried and tested system massively increases customer satisfaction, enables simpler and faster order taking, and experience has shown that it leads to an increase in turnover, more targeted purchases and fewer “shopkeepers”. In addition, service staff without higher wine training can handle the system very well.

The basic concept for the innovative system has been successfully tested for several years in Mr. Fuchs’ business and is ready to be used and adopted by other businesses.

Current status & next steps

The project was pitched and evaluated before the Hospitality Booster jury on 24 June 2021. Mr. Fuchs convinced the jury of his idea and the associated added value for the individual businesses, so that the project will continue to be promoted and supported in the Hospitality Booster. Together with Mr. Fuchs, we are currently looking for innovative and enterprising hotel businesses that would like to introduce the system and carry out a pilot. The prerequisite for the introduction is the good will to rethink one’s own wine presentation to the guest and to make the wine selection much easier for him.


Would you like to introduce the wine list concept of Mr. Karl Fuchs in your business, or are you interested in the project? Then contact Mr. Fuchs directly!

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