JOMB stands for a unique platform that offers young people the opportunity to complete their education in the hotel industry through a flexible and comprehensive program. Instead of applying directly to a hotel, apprentices sign their contract with JOMB. JOMB not only takes over the entire training responsibility for the duration of three years but also handles all formalities – from registration with the relevant cantonal authorities to communication with schools and parents.

JOMB and HotellerieSuisse are currently examining the possibilities of this model for our industry and are developing a specific concept for the training of hotel communication professionals (HOKO). This professional profile is of particular interest to young people. For this reason, with a focus on this profession, as many additional training companies as possible are to be approached and won over. JOMB aims to facilitate the HOKO training for companies. A prominent feature of the JOMB concept is the structure of the practical training. The HOKO trainees spend one year in a practical operation, with the opportunity to gain experience in up to three different companies and regions. This offers the advantage for the lodging companies that they do not need their own training license and can fully concentrate on imparting practical skills. Moreover, it also addresses companies interested in training hotel communication professionals but unable to cover all stages of training in their own hotel.

Advantages for Lodging Companies

The JOMB model offers numerous advantages for hoteliers, especially for those companies that could not train for various reasons before. Hotels that have decided against training due to a lack of capacity, insufficient resources, or the absence of complete coverage of all training areas, find an ideal solution in JOMB. They can pass on their knowledge and practical experience without having to overcome the administrative hurdles of a training license. Thus, JOMB opens the door for broader participation in training and strengthens the quality and diversity of training opportunities in the lodging industry.