Have you ever wondered what the hotel room of the future might look like? Digital check-in & check-out? Robots as staff? Recycled furniture? Or even hotel rooms whose furnishings adapt to the guests? You can already experience all this and much more at the newly opened The LAB Hotel of the Hotel Management School Thun. Start-ups and schools can test new trends, technologies and innovations in this hotel.

The so-called LAB Rooms form the heart of the 3-star hotel. Each room is unique. For example, there is the “Swissness Room”, in which only Swiss products can be found. Another room consists only of upcycled products. Upcycling means using the raw materials of old products to make new, higher-quality products. A cupboard becomes a bed and the floor is made from the wood of a table. The perfect room for anyone who wants to live sustainably. Other rooms include the Smart Room, where everything from ventilation to lighting to service is completely digital, and the Modular Room, which adapts to the needs of the guest.

However, the hotel is not only used for testing sophisticated products. The students themselves can apply the skills they have learned directly in The LAB Hotel. All guests are asked on departure what they particularly liked about the room and what they didn’t like at all. This allows the students to try out a wide variety of concepts and apply the learning directly to further development. If a concept works really well, it should not just stay at The LAB Hotel, but be applied in many other Swiss hotels.

In the end, it’s about being brave and accepting that a concept may not be as well received as planned.

<a href=”https://thelabhotel.ch/”>Further information on The LAB Hotel</a>

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