Our process prototype

We are pleased to present the first prototype of the process, i.e. the idea funnel in the Hospitality Booster. We have divided the funnel into five steps: Enter ideas and questions, community inputs and evaluation, elaboration to funding application, implementation projects and use.

Of course, everything starts with your idea! You bring it in and together we refine it further, so we booster-proof the idea. Then we use our booster community, which can provide initial input and sign up to work on the project. This is where we decide whether to pursue the idea further – based on the interests of your peers. In the next phase, the project team will elaborate the idea to the point where a funding application can be submitted.

If the application is successful, we move on. In the team we now work out the problem-solution-fit and then the product-market-fit. This is an iterative process. As soon as we are satisfied, we complete the project and the first hoteliers can benefit from the new offer.

Iterative development

So we are in the middle of developing the process for the Hospitality Booster, testing it and offering tangible added value to the Swiss accommodation industry as soon as possible. 

However, we do not want to and cannot simply set the pace for innovation in the industry. This falls on the community itself, which drives the booster with its ideas and proposed solutions. However, we can build and offer a framework in which innovation is mutually supported and advanced.

Therefore, the construction of the Booster is never finished, and it will constantly evolve with your inputs. We are working hard to ensure that you will find a solid structure right from the start and can therefore directly contribute your expert knowledge. See you soon!

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