In the first two phases of the development of the Booster, the needs of the Swiss hotel landscape were collected and a first prototype of the platform was developed. In addition, our community has already contributed dozens of ideas for innovative projects. In the third phase, we are now focusing on the concrete implementation of initial ideas and solutions.

To this end, three projects are being actively promoted in the Innovation Funnel. The funnel is divided into several sections. In the first step, ideas for solutions, for example to predefined problems, are sought. This step has already happened in all three projects. The first project revolves around the fragmented IT infrastructure, which is an ever greater challenge for many hotels in Switzerland. Two other projects come from the hoteliers of Zurich City / Best 3 Star Hotels and a group of Thurgau hoteliers. Both groups have generated numerous ideas and solutions in workshops with us.

For the problem around the fragmented IT infrastructure, feedback from the community will be gathered in a workshop. So the aim is to understand the initial situation even better and also to find out how great the potential is for a possible solution. Register directly here to participate.

The projects of Zurich City / Best 3 Star Hotels and the Thurgau hoteliers go two steps further in the funnel. The respective teams have already dealt intensively with the problems. Now, the most promising ideas will be selected and concretised. The teams are already working intensively on the design of the solution and are developing a first visual prototype. This prototype then enables further feedback from the community, this time not only on the idea but also on the design of the solution. If the feedback is not satisfactory, the teams have to take a step back and iteratively incorporate the customer feedback into the solution. If the feedback is positive and the solution meets with a great response from the community, an initial problem-solution fit has been achieved. The teams have thus been able to prove that their product solves a real problem and have thus developed the basis for a funding application.

We are always happy to receive suggestions, ideas and feedback! Stay up to date and join the Hospitality Booster Community here.

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