Strengthening the Community

The Hospitality Booster is designed to add real value. But this added value does not simply come in the form of a service for the accommodation industry. This service is meant to tap into the knowledge in the industry, put it into workable form and redistribute it. 

So we would like to achieve that several industry participants jointly work out ideas for the innovative strengthening of the hospitality industry. Of course, all members will then benefit from this and the members involved will also benefit from working on other projects and ideas. Just a community idea.


Begins of a success story

Communities are talked about everywhere nowadays, and in social media there is probably now a community for everything. These often have a certain benefit for their target group, which is, however, relatively manageable and limited to answering each other’s direct questions.

Communities of a certain size can also often offer broad inspiration. But the Hospitality Booster is more than that. Based on ideas, which can be understood as inspiration, we would like to generate practical approaches and implement them with partners directly in the industry. 

Of course, reaching critical mass is a major hurdle to success. We understand critical mass as a qualitative measuring instrument. So we need you and your know-how! And of course the will to contribute your knowledge and to exchange it against the combined experience of the other participants and to expand it together.

With this we manage that one plus one really gives more than two. So we are aiming for a true success story here. Would you like to be part of it and immortalise yourself as an “early adopter” in the history of the Hospitality Booster? Then subscribe to the newsletter. We will soon invite you to participate in the first events.