In November of 2020, HotellerieSuisse together with the Hotelfachschule Thun and the EHL Group, mandated a Student Business Project for the final semester students of EHL. At this stage the Hospitality Booster was still being designed and planned, so this group of youngsters had a difficult task at hand.
The Student Business Project is a consulting project conducted by a group of six students in cooperation with a coach from EHL. Many major companies have taken advantage of these consulting projects as it provides a professional, innovative, and intuitive product at an affordable price.

For HotellerieSuisse, Ian Millar was tasked with coaching the team. Ian Millar has been in charge of organizing SBPs for over 20 years and brought the right expertise to ensure a qualitative end-product. The team that got allocated consisted of 6 Students who had worked together before and had a strong chemistry amongst themselves. The team was led by Karthik Muralidharan, a person who later went on to join the Hospitality Booster and realise this Network of innovation.
Son-Trang Nguyen, was the specialist for marketing and communication and provided strong guidance in stylistic and visual decisions.
Roberto Baratollo oversaw the development of the innovation process and discovering the ways to encourage startups to engage.
Yantung Chan made sure that all the statistical data was relevant and sensible, while also aiding in various design aspects of the project.
Constantin Ziegenhain drafted the communication plan for the partner schools while also establishing the access to students. He also brought knowledge of hospitality education as he had been through vocational training prior to joining EHL.
Phenomena Sun created various visual aspects, designed the event schedule and planning, and conducted in depth research to help the team understand the issues within the hospitality landscape

Over 9 Weeks, this team developed many of the pillars of how the hospitality Booster functions today, from social media to planned Events in the near future. There are many more ideas and events that are being developed out of this project. Through a research report, a business report, and multiple presentations, we were able to understand the ideas in depth and have been able to reach back on these resources when developing our new plans.
It was the professionalism, excellency and most importantly fun that made this SBP truly enjoyable for all parties involved. The Hospitality Booster cannot recommend this enough and we would be happy to put you into contact with the relevant people at EHL, should you be interested in mandating such a project.
We look forward to working with more students and hope that you will also find the value in engaging with these creative, fresh minds.

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