There is a shortage of skilled personnel in the hotel industry. Jan Molderings, Director of the Hotel Rössli Gourmet & Spa in Weggis, sought support from Hospitality Booster.

The problem in Weggis is obvious: staff are scarce!

The Hospitality Booster takes a new direction: Test run with BrainE4. The aim is to test the well-being of the workforce and the reputation as an employer. The aim is to find out what really matters to employees.

Focus on regional pilot hotels

The initiative is being implemented specifically in a group of pilot hotels in the region, including the Chenot Palace Weggis, the Campus Hotel Hertenstein, Park Hotel Vitznau and Neuro Campus Hotel Vitznau “Das Morgen”, which are united under Hospitality Visions Lake Lucerne AG, as well as the Hotel Alexander, Hotel Gerbi, Hotel Gotthard, Seminar Hotel Rigi and the Hotel Rössli Gourmet & Spa in Weggis.  

Project goals

With BrainE4, the Hospitality Booster relies on the commitment of all employees to identify and implement improvements. This approach promises to understand the working environment and find answers to the omnipresent shortage of skilled labour.

A future-orientated initiative

The findings of this pilot project should serve as inspiration for other accommodation providers in Switzerland to strengthen the industry in the long term. At its core is the discovery of the reasons for employee turnover through reliable and anonymous data. BrainE4 strengthens the commitment of staff and management by integrating employee feedback and collective suggestions for solutions – making every piece of feedback valuable.