At our last Sounding Board, one participant came with a particularly intriguing problem. She wanted to understand how a hotel could use simple, low-cost methods to get their guests to commit to the 5 specific “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs). And how could they use these methods to improve their own public image?

In groups of 2, we went into our break-out rooms and there were immediate quick discussions and generation of ideas. Here are some of the results.

  • You could put up posters reminding guests to use more sustainable options during their stay at the hotel (use stairs, use less water when showering, don’t wash the bed linen every day, etc.)
  • Creating a point system for the restaurant menu that encourages guests to choose more sustainable dishes and options
  • .

  • Develop a sustainability button that provides guests with all relevant information about the hotel’s sustainability efforts. Implement this button throughout the customer journey, from the initial booking email to post-stay contact.
  • Integrate a “sustainability spider” (an idea that came from the Innovation Hackdays). This spider would show the different categories and SDGs and how well the hotel is performing in these aspects.
  • Host a treasure hunt where guests can win a sustainable dinner (or discount) by collecting or scanning sustainability points hidden throughout the hotel.
  • Revise the menu to reduce food waste and offer more local food that can be sourced easily and sustainably.
  • Integrate the Sustainability Hotel to showcase the hotel’s efforts in different departments.

After this discussion, the participants were very enthusiastic to implement many of the ideas given. This is the great added value of our Sounding Boards.

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