The next startup in our interview series, ARVE helps you find interesting events that you might otherwise never hear about. We are pleased to share the exciting interview with the team at ARVE with you here:

What customer problem is your startup solving?

Hoteliers are facing major challenges more than ever and are in an uncertain environment. Guests are unsettled when they think about travelling and staying in hotels. Costs are being cut and hotel operations have to manage with fewer staff. At the same time, decisions could only be made on the basis of intuition and deliberation; data-based management of a hotel was virtually non-existent until now.

What is the solution to this problem and how did you find/develop this solution?

Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and Swiss precision sensor technology, ARVE measures indoor air quality in real time and generates substantial insights for the hotel. In this way, guests can be given confidence through security, costs can be optimised and operational challenges can be solved.

The benefits of ARVE are that:

  • the host can guarantee a safe environment for the guest and his staff, especially in times when viruses are keeping the whole world population on tenterhooks (or making it difficult to breathe) and aerosols are considered a transport medium for all kinds of viruses.
  • the hotel management can also centrally control the empty rooms in connection with temperature, humidity and other values and thus save resources.
  • guests return to the hotel sooner, knowing that the host is doing everything possible to ensure that the air quality is in order.
  • the hotelier can take appropriate measures such as air purifiers, UV-C machines or other investments in case of air quality problems; but only and only when he is sure, based on the data, that this is really necessary.

Through active interaction with hotels in Switzerland, Europe and Asia, we have understood the operational issues that concern hoteliers. With our ARVE Swiss Air Quality System, we offer more than just a high-quality air quality measuring device. Based on the generated data, the hotelier is provided with digital services that generate substantial added value. The algorithms, which are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, were developed by hoteliers for hoteliers and are continuously being “taught”.
What ideas can you contribute to the development of the ARVE system?

What stage of development are you in and what are the next steps for ARVE?

The digital platform is ready for installation in hotels. As a basic package, the Air Quality Package can be rolled out in hotels in Switzerland and Germany.

Commercial pilot projects are underway with five hotels in Bern, Thun, Biel, Beijing and Shanghai, in which the services are being jointly developed. At the same time, we want to prove the calculated added value of CHF 5 per occupied room per night in the operational business. These additional digital services should be ready for roll-out to our customers by the end of 2021. Or even soon with you?



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