We are pleased to present BLENT Sàrl, the next exciting startup directly from the Village de l’innovation:

What customer problem does your startup solve?

We offer a solution to the problem of collecting and analysing data from different systems (such as accommodation, F&B, accounting, reputation, HR, etc.) across multiple businesses. Especially in times like we are currently experiencing, profitability and optimisation are crucial for a successful recovery.

Reporting is complex and expensive for many different reasons. It is often done manually and is therefore very time-consuming, plus the information available and compiled is delayed (sometimes by days, sometimes by months). There are also many data silos, with information isolated in specific systems. This makes it very difficult to get a complete overview and understanding of the business. Even more so when there are multiple properties to manage.

Managers need to be able to see what is happening in the market in real time and make forecasts to make the best decisions based on facts.

What is the solution to this problem and how have you found / developed this solution?

BLENT is a business intelligence platform that creates real-time, updated dashboards and reports for hotels and restaurants. Cloud-based and AI-powered business analytics enable hospitality professionals to access and have control over their data anytime, anywhere. With BLENT, you are able to create fully customisable dashboards and reports with real-time data and get a 360° view of your business. This enables every level of management to optimise their activities and resources in real time and plan for the future through efficient forecasting.

With a plug & play model, setup is a breeze, so you can start using BLENT right away! See and understand what’s happening around you, adapt to the market, provide the best possible service, plan better and increase your profitability!

What stage of development are you in and what are the next steps for BLENT?

BLENT was founded in 2019 and is currently working with some chains such as La Réserve, Seiler Hotels and the Victoria Jungfrau Collection. 

We recently launched a new module specifically for restaurants and restaurant chains and are already working with a large fast food chain. 

At the request of a client, we are also currently developing a similar module for wineries.

*As EHL’s hospitality business incubator, the Village de l’Innovation supports promising start-ups and business ventures focused on or relevant to the food and hospitality industry. The startup profiled here is supported by EHL’s Village de l’Innovation.

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