Many accommodation providers are in transition and are considering new alternatives to meet current challenges. The shortage of skilled workers is an additional challenge. Progressive technologies and innovative guest care concepts are intended to support the reorientation.

Nighty Nighty takes over the night: In this fresh project, expert night porters look after various hotel businesses from one location – personally and individually. Because handing over the hotel at night is a matter of trust.

Access is provided via telephony (Voip), PMS, cloud, key system, video surveillance and access coding device. In case of a necessary intervention on site, the hotel team is notified. The bundling of resources additionally counteracts the shortage of skilled workers and can save up to 70,000 Swiss francs per year. Situationally, low investment costs are incurred.

The launch together with approx. 10 hotel businesses is planned in the form of a pilot project for spring 2022.

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