On the 1st of July the Hospitality Booster helped officially launch it’s first project. MyBluePlanet aims to help hoteliers to understand, analyze and implement climate measures and actions. Through the experience in their team, they carefully guide their clients and help them to understand that environmental changes do not have to come at the expense of business profits. In fact, using their tools and methods, companies can smartly integrate these meaningful, impactful adjustments while boosting profitability in the long run.

MyBluePlanet has launched a pilot with three properties:

Grandhotel Giessbach is a wonderful heritage style hotel situated in the midst of a luscious forest. While the guests may come to see the beautiful lake, the well-known waterfall and the intricate walking paths through the scenic landscapes, they certainly stay for the hospitality provided by the Grandhotel. Being in such a nature intense location, they naturally provide a lot of attention to the environment around them and have pledged to take concrete actions to electrify their vehicles and measure their environmental impact.

In a quiet area located next to the Lake Lucerne, stands the Hotel Rössli Weggis. They beautifully combine spa and wellness with fine gourmet dining. This hotel has long paid attention to the environmental impacts that it has and choses it’s sources of products very carefully, always keeping our climate in mind. With MyBluePlanet they want to make said impact more measurable and will through this be able to gradually address other aspects that can reduce their net carbon footprint.

Celerina holds a hidden gem of Switzerland. The town near St. Moritz is home to the Chesa Rosatsch, a hotel that prides itself in its innovative creative dining offering. From the classics with a spin to new creation, the Chesa Rosatsch has it all. Situated next to a river, the open terrasse makes for a breathtaking experience. Another central focus of this hotel is the biking culture. They help their guests find the best biking routes and will soon even offer bike tours around the area. Being steeped into their environment, it is natural that they wish to preserve the beauty and health of their surroundings. MyBluePlanet is also helping them in growing their understanding in regard to climate action and is finding ways to encourage guest behaviors that promote a more sustainable stay.

We look forward to seeing the impact that MyBluePlanet will make with the help of HotellerieSuisse and the Hospitality Booster.
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