Have you ever thought about how much heat your servers and data centres actually give off?

The answer is: enough to heat a jacuzzi!

The IWB in Basel also noticed this and has devised an option using a new invention for feeding the heat emitted by servers into the heating system with almost no loss. To do this, data centres and servers are immersed in a tub of liquid. To enable the project to be tested in the hospitality industry, IWB is looking for hotel companies that are interested in testing this method in a pilot project. All you need is a fibre-optic connection. Important: The building must not be heated with district heating.

According to the IWB, this technology can save up to one third of the heating costs normally incurred for heating a hotel building. Take part in this project and reduce not only your heating costs but also your CO2 emissions.

Are you interested? Then contact us at hospitalitybooster@hotelleriesuisse.ch !