The independent three-star Hotel Crystal is located right in the center of Lausanne. Within easy reach of the beautiful cathedral, the old town or the Palais de Beaulieu and countless cafes, restaurants and cultural attractions, the Hotel Crystal is the perfect base for exploring the city.

While Covid-19 flattened the Swiss economy and also profoundly changed and shook the hotel industry, Hotel Crystal has radically innovated and largely reinvented itself, supported by the canton’s funding opportunities. An exciting crime story that has to be solved in the hotel:

In fact, the former owner of the Hotel Crystal was brutally murdered and his son challenges you to uncover the mysterious case and the dark history. The only clue is the characteristic mask of the murderer, who will leave you with brilliant riddles during the investigation, and will turn even the most cunning head. As part of Agence Alpha, a team of ingenious private detectives, you’ll take on this case and discover the Hotel Crystal and Lausanne from a completely new angle.

Since October 30, 2021, all adventure enthusiasts can solve the murder of the former owner of the hotel in the middle of the Hotel Crystal, an absolutely unique experience in Switzerland and Europe. The experiment, which was originally scheduled to be tested until December 5, will be extended until further notice due to the positive feedback and the huge, ongoing demand. The enormous success confirms Cédric Fiora in his assumption to reach new business areas and a new kind of clientele through radical innovation. In addition, increased publicity for the hotel is achieved and guest segments are attracted, which until now were not the focus of the positioning. Everything about the exciting concept and a direct registration link can be found here.

As a showcase for innovative ideas and concepts in the hotel industry, the Hotel Crystal clearly demonstrates how new business areas can be created from simple experiments, and ultimately how the survival of one’s own business can be secured in a crisis. It is also about the courage and the necessary self-confidence to try out new things and ideas and to accept wrong conclusions. An active culture of innovation that is practiced throughout the hotel, combined with the necessary implementation power, provides the decisive leap forward. However, innovations are not only relevant for the hotel industry in the current crisis, but are also becoming increasingly important in a constantly changing environment in order to react proactively to customer needs and to open up new business areas.

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