The Hospitality Booster in Lockdown

From the beginning, the Hospitality Booster was born into a pandemic. With the latest Corona measures, it has been made clear once again that we will continue to operate in a restricted manner without physical cooperation.

But especially with topics around innovation, despite all the possibilities of digitalisation, it is often possible to go one step further in an on-site workshop than in digital calls. This is probably because you can develop a better feel for the participants on site and thus set common goals more concretely. So how do we proceed?


Stoic innovation creation

As already mentioned, an essential factor is the common understanding of the goal. Not only for the end result, but also for each step of the work, each workshop, each call. In a large innovation project like the Hospitality Booster, there are of course a lot of work steps.

Although the collaboration takes place exclusively online, we build up a deep understanding of our shared vision over time. We want to be an important part of the solution that will hopefully take the industry out of this severe crisis and into a new era of prosperity.

To do this, it takes a lot of energy and concentration to get the best out of every step of the work. Last week, we were able to conduct interviews with hoteliers and have thus come one step closer to how we will build the community around the Hospitality Booster in the future. Next week, there will be another workshop on this – online again, of course. We will keep at it and stoically innovate, which is what this year will bring.

Are you interested in participating in the development of the accommodation industry in the future? We will keep you up to date here and as soon as we can open the booster for first collaborations, we will of course communicate this here as well. So come back. We look forward to telling you more about the latest developments soon.

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