During the Hospitality Summit, we collected about 40 ideas. After we had selected our top 4, a large number of ideas naturally remained. We would like to share these ideas with you in a series where we present 10 of them in each post.
Space was limited for each idea on the submission card, so they are all rather non-specific. They are also listed in no particular order, and we would like to thank everyone for submitting their ideas.

Annual Gastrohopping.
National event where guests can wander from hotel to hotel, have a glass of wine and look at rooms. The hotel speed-dating

Public: Invite younger generations.
There was a lot of talk about “integrating” Gen-Z. For example, students from hotel management schools could have been invited to get their opinion.

Energy Savings
The development of an app that makes it possible to measure the energy consumption of a kitchen in real time. Cooks are not aware of climate protection. There is a high potential for savings.

Marketing Booster Päckli
Targeted marketing packages (tools) are offered to hoteliers. These tools activate their customer communities and help to attract new customers.

Adventure Experience
Welcome is warm, should last whole stay –> special signposts to room, surprise themed in zImmer, signposts to exit etc.

key profiles
Customer (restaurant) receives a survey when making a reservation –> Will create a taste profile = sommelier can advise optimally, service also etc. Maximises expertise of staff and gives customers the best tailored experience

Innovations Round Trip.
Teams network and inspiring makers visit CH hoteliers + connect + inspire.

Mattresses that wash.
To demand the lifetime of mattresses by washing them and then washing them again (recycling the material in further functionalities, e.g. upholstered furniture or insulating material in the construction industry).

Holidays in own “hotel” business
Improve enthusiasm for own job/identification –> Offers for MAs to have holidays in own hotel for free e.g. to be pampered once a year.

Bed Check
Online platform (free of charge) for hotels to check their beds.

If you are interested in any of these ideas, please contact us at hospitalitybooster@hotelleriesuisse.ch.