Food Save Bernese Oberland is a joint booster project by HotellerieSuisse, the Hotelier Association of the Bernese Oberland, and United Against Waste, supported by the Canton of Bern and H&R Gastro AG. 23 businesses participated in the one-year project to measure, analyze, and reduce food waste in hotel operations.

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Objective: Reduce food waste

The project has set itself the task of reducing 20-50% of food waste. The benefit? Lower costs and a step towards global sustainability goals.

Innovation: Modern approach

Thanks to digital tools and expert support, Food Save Bernese Oberland brings innovation to Swiss hospitality and gastronomy. It’s more than responsible entrepreneurship; it’s a modern solution to a long-standing problem.

How it works:

Cost reduction: Reducing food waste = saving costs.

Promote sustainability: Actively do something for the environment.

Expert support: Utilize specialists and digital tools.

Continuing in establishments in Graubünden:

The measurement of the current state of food losses is underway in the kitchens of Group 1 of the Food Save Graubünden project.

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