Is it possible to temporarily increase hotel tourism through art and culture?  

We believe so, and in collaboration with AD + ART Kommunikation GmbH and the LICHT FELD Gallery, we’ve launched “Here We Art.” 

Our project aims to explore art and cultural trends and offer them to our members through curated exhibitions, events, panels, and more. Our current theme is: 

NFT in Art – Curse or Blessing? 

NFTs* are the latest craze in the art world, democratizing the art and culture scene. Although everyone is talking about NFTs, few people truly understand them. At HotellerieSuisse, or rather the Hospitality Booster and ideators, we’re making this subject accessible and visually appealing in hotels through interactive formats. 

As a result, our project has a trendy and pioneering character. 

Together, we’re proving that art and culture can increase hotel tourism temporarily, while also creating a new tourism offering/product that can be implemented in hotels and destinations. Of course, this offering is tailored to the size and needs of your hotel.  

Here’s how it works: Information Flyer 

Interested in learning more about this project for your hotel? Contact Fredy Hadorn at: 


*NFT – Non-Fungible Token – non-replaceable digitally protected objects, often works of art.