Modernize your housekeeping and pioneer in the hotel industry!

Charlie, the autonomous chassis, developed by the Swiss start-up Robolem, could be your key to innovation. It has the ability to automate any hand cart system in your hotel. In Follow-Me mode, it follows your staff, alone or in convoy, from room to room.

Already successfully tested in the Lab Hotel in Thun, Charlie was well received by the staff. It was able to reduce the walkways by up to 75% and eliminate the need for manual pushing of the carts. This not only improves the ergonomics of work but also frees up your employees’ hands to carry other necessary equipment. Furthermore, Charlie helps to avoid damage to the walls due to improper handling of the carts.

We at Robolem are constantly striving to improve Charlie and add new features to ensure that it integrates perfectly into your operations.

Now we are looking for early adopters who are ready to further revolutionize the hotel industry with us. As an early adopter, you have the unique chance to not only receive attractive special conditions but also to co-design the development of Charlie.

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