We are thrilled to share our startup interview with ITNB AG :

What customer problem is your startup solving?
ITNB AG, with its solutions, is currently helping customers with the trendy problem of cyber-attacks, especially with regards to the new Federal Act on Data Protection coming in September 2023. What we have seen is that it doesn’t change if your business is international or local, if you are in possession of interesting data, you are a target; if you are not in possession of such data, you still are a target. No one is safe… except our clients.

What is the solution to this problem and how did you find / develop this solution?
Imagine suffering a cyber-attack on a Sunday morning. Your IT systems crashed and are controlled by the attacker. Suddenly, guests are hostage inside the rooms without possibility of exiting, you cannot accept the next group of guests and the ones who would like to depart cannot do so. Moreover, the own booking system doesn’t work and the payment terminals in your restaurant cannot accept transactions. A complete nightmare for reputation side and on the legal side of things. In strict partnership with IBM, our company solves cyber security issues through four levels of activities:
1. Predictive analysis of your company’s reputation in the dark web to discover your trendiness on the “market”
2. Preventive protection of each single physical and virtual endpoint (device/server) through EDR technology
3. Proactive AI-based behaviour analysis on each endpoint to discover and kill issues in zero time
4. Have a single person, called Single Point of Contact (SPOC), to interact in case of need in connection with a team of analysts in our Security Operation Center active 24/7 at your service.
Back to the introductiory example, ITNB is the one who could avoid your nightmares, such us hostage situations.

What stage of development are you at and what are the next steps for ITNB AG?
Our company is actively working in the hospitality, healthcare, education, and machinery industries, and we count on continuing our work with our Partners HotellerieSuisse, GMT Magazine, and EHL Hospitality Business School. The next stage for ITNB AG will be helping customers, especially SMEs, not to be hostage of their own technology by accompanying them from the process of knowledge acquisition to the implementation of our cybersecurity solutions. Don’t be hostage of your own technology and concentrate on your core business. Protect yourself, contact us.