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At the end of July, Droomsy will start a proof of concept in Zurich and is looking for 15-20 hotels to test and improve the concept in practice. Of course, we have the Hospitality Booster Community in mind. If you can find 30 minutes, Patrick Collet, the founder of Droomsy, would be happy to give you a short presentation of the idea. You can contact him directly at patrick.collet@hotmail.com.

The whole platform will go live in August 2021!

We like to pretend that we are adventurers who love to travel and enjoy discovering new cultures and locations. However, all of us who travel frequently for business or pleasure know that new cities and countries can be not only exciting but also very tiring. Noise, foreign languages, disorientation and hustle and bustle can sometimes drain the energy of even the most daring adventurers. Finding a quiet, clean place to work turns out to be a difficult mission. The story often ends in a crowded Starbucks. There, the protagonists order a latte every hour in the hope of not being thrown out.

This is now to be put to an end! The start-up Droomsy wants to offer guests the possibility to book hotel rooms on an hourly basis. Whether you’re working between business meetings, want to change in peace before a glamorous event or just need a quick nap after a not-so-relaxing night, Droomsy aims to give us all some well-deserved rest.

However, the concept is not only meant to please guests, hotels can also benefit. Thanks to Droomsy, they can better utilise their rooms and who knows, maybe one or two customers will like the room so much that they will come back on their next trip. Thus, Droomsy with its far-sighted business model offers a real win-win situation for guest and host.

The team around Patrick Collet is boldly moving forward and wants to really take off with Droomsy. They have already been able to interview and inspire 15 hotels and many more potential users. We wish Droomsy much success and are already looking forward to a nap in the hotel room.

If you want to know more about Droomsy, please write to Patrick directly:

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