We have found our winners of the Hospitality Summit competition!

At the Hospitality Summit, we received over 40 new project ideas. Now, the jury consisting of Janina Rüfenacht from The Lab Hotel, innovation and transformation expert Martin Kägi, Manager of the Hotel Alpenblick Robert Kneubühler and the Head of Communication of HotellerieSuisse Patric Schönberg has decided on the four best ideas. Our top four ideas:


4. give your apprenticeship a shine

3. academy for non-specialists

2. food waste revolution

1. feed-o: your feedback machine


Read more about the ideas and why our jury chose these placements here.


  1. Place

Give your apprenticeship a shine

Switzerland-wide campaign for apprenticeships in the hotel and catering industry, focusing on the positive aspects of the profession such as.

  • Working in a beautiful ambience,
  • Meeting stars and celebrities,
  • as well as versatile top destination
  • .

should be located.

According to the jury, this idea addresses an important issue in the hotel industry, namely the lack of skilled workers. It is important to promote young talent and to show the exciting sides of the profession. The jury decided on fourth place here because it is more of a campaign than an innovation project. Nevertheless, they see great potential in the idea, especially for a campaign in the digital field.


  1. Place

Academy for non-specialists

Crash course for career changers and foreign workers:in order to attract new skilled workers to the hotel industry.

The jury finds the academy for non-specialists very interesting because it addresses an acute problem of the hotel industry, namely the shortage of skilled workers. In addition, the idea can be implemented cost-efficiently, for example regionally on a small scale. If successful, the offer could be further expanded and even scaled nationally. However, there are already offers in this direction.


  1. Place

Food Waste Revolution

Each restaurant and hotel will only offer its own specialities. Thus, the menu should be reduced to a maximum of ten dishes. The establishments should concentrate more on their strengths and massively reduce food waste.

Although the reduction of a restaurant’s or hotel’s menu cannot be forced, the reduction of food waste is a very central topic in the industry. The jury finds the approach very interesting, but objects that this idea would have to be implemented in a well thought-out way. The jury would not want to restrict the businesses, but would encourage them to rethink their menu. In the jury deliberations, for example, the idea of a vegetarian day came up.

With a possible campaign or a simple proposal for the hotels, we can address a major problem of today very quickly. The idea would not be to impose this restriction, but to encourage the hotels to rethink their menus and reduce the amount of products that end up in the rubbish.


  1. Place

Feed-O: Your feedback machine

  • Input: Feedback from staff members
  • .

  • Magic: The Feed-O extracts the essence from the feedback
  • .

  • Output: Managers receive nudges on their mobile phones
  • .

This idea was developed during the Next Gen Camp and impressed all participants at the summit. A functioning feedback system is central in a company, the jury thinks. An open communication culture massively promotes employee satisfaction and the working atmosphere. A digital feedback machine lowers the inhibitions to give feedback effectively and can thus lead to sustainable improvements. We look forward to pursuing this idea further.


We congratulate the winners and thank all participants for their exciting ideas!


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