Holidays in the airy heights, among birds’ nests, treetops and squirrels are in vogue, and rightly so! Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, high above the rest of the world, it is wonderful to relax, enjoy and switch off in harmony with nature.

The idea of tree houses as hotels is not new. Already in many countries, for example in Indonesia, Germany or Chile, the tree house concept was taken up and perfected early on. The usual hotel comfort with all its advantages in the middle of nature offers the ideal combination of birdsong, sunrise and English breakfast. No wonder the foreign concepts are so popular and successful!

Switzerland with its beautiful landscapes and forests in close proximity to holiday regions, small towns and tourist attractions offers optimal conditions for the development of tree house hotels. With local cooperation and partnerships, all the advantages of a region can be combined in a tree house hotel, and the destination can be opened up to a new target group and successfully positioned. However, this promising opportunity has not been exploited so far due to numerous challenges with building permits, the right locations and implementation. Although there are some tree house sleeping facilities in Switzerland, there has not yet been an implemented tree house hotel concept on the scale envisaged by Robert Scheidegger.

Some details about his tree house hotel project, which is currently in the planning stage and the search for a suitable location:


Ideally, the location of the hotel is in a region with mountains or lakes and no further than 30 min from the next small town or significant place (within a holiday region).

Hotel size:

  • 6-10 tree houses as a complex, including the associated premises.


There are two options here:

  • Option 1: If the tree house hotel is in the immediate vicinity of a catering establishment, breakfast and dinner can be taken or held there.
  • Option 2: Inclusion of a small catering establishment in the hotel complex, where breakfast – made from regional food – can be served.

Target groups:

  • Nature lovers
  • Families
  • Leisure sports enthusiasts
  • Weekend guests
  • ect.


Depending on the region and infrastructure, various combinable expansion options in cooperation with local and regional providers.
The tree house hotel should not simply offer a simple overnight accommodation, but bring along the complete service and comfort of a real hotel!

Would you like to actively work on the idea of the Baumhaus Hotel as a partner? Or do you know a location that would be ideal for the Tree House Hotel and would be approved by the authorities? Then contact Robert Scheidegger directly: