Initial situation

Zürich City Hotels (ZCH) unites over 20 Zurich 3- and 4-star hotels in the city centre. The hotels stand for charming individuality and lively tradition. The association has been active for more than two decades with the overriding goal of making comprehensive use of the synergies of the individual establishments in all areas. In order to be able to offer the members the desired added value in the future and to strengthen the external appeal of the brand/association, a new type of digital platform is to be realised. This should specifically strengthen the profitability of its own members in the defined areas. In a further phase, additional partners beyond the ZCH Association will be able to use the platform and its services.

Goals of the project

The new digital platform of the ZCH unites the most diverse tools of all important areas such as Distribution & Guest Services/Relations, Purchasing, HR, Shared Services, Finance & Backoffice, Marketing & Sales, Benchmarking.

It creates synergies in the relevant areas and contributes significantly to increasing the efficiency and profitability of individual hotels.

The platform follows the claim of digitalisation, is expandable and can be used for cooperations of different kinds. Based on the changing needs of the industry and its users, it is composed of the most up-to-date and industry-leading tools.

The platform has its finger on the pulse of the times and offers individual hotel and restaurant businesses the systems they need for their independent further development.

Advantages – the USP

  • The platform is novel and unique. It is digital and built in a “modular system”. Each individual customer decides which tools he wants to use and to what extent (over what period of time). The client has maximum flexibility without commitment; there are no “entry hurdles” to overcome. The intrinsic motivation for participation comes from the effective added value that the platform generates by bundling synergies within cooperation.
  • The sky is the limit. Thanks to its flexibility and independence, the platform can be flexibly expanded and thus always has its finger on the pulse. This generates a measurable added value for the customer: he saves time and resources to keep himself informed about the latest “must-have” systems. The platform is the “one stop shop” for hotel cooperation.
  • Existing measures and activities of hotel cooperations with individual hotels are supported, strengthened and further developed thanks to the digital solution.
  • The platform can be used as a test environment by start-ups.