MYBLUEPLANET’s pilot campaign supported by the Hospitality Booster. For hotels that want to secure their competitive advantage in the future through a strong positioning in sustainability.

Goals of the project

We help you to become more sustainable. With our project “ClimateActions”, we support Swiss hotels in reducing their C02 consumption, thereby cutting costs and making customers throughout Switzerland aware of this effort. By participating in our pilot project, leading hotel companies shine as beacons by making a concrete and measurable commitment to climate protection. On the way to the goal, the aim is to achieve an (inter)national label.

How will the goals be achieved?

MYBLUEPLANET accompanies three pilot hotels for three years on their way from planning to implementing concrete measures to successful certification with an existing and recognised label.

7-point roadmap

  1. Inventory of existing climate protection measures, determination of current CO2 emissions
  2. Define improvement targets, desired label, roles and responsibilities
  3. Determine the 3-year plan with 10 concrete climate protection measures
  4. Implementation by hotel management and staff
  5. Ongoing review of target achievement: evaluation, review
  6. Celebrate certification, for example with an internal party
  7. Formulate long-term concept and CO2 roadmap until 2030

Pilot project & financing

With this pilot project, the innovative approach of sustainability consultations by the NPO MYBLUEPLANET is tested in practice. The project is financed by start-up funding from the Hospitality Booster, MYBLUEPLANET’s own contributions and a contribution from the pilot hotels. The fee for a pilot hotel is CHF 500 for the first and second year, and CHF 1,000 in the third year.

Prerequisite for participation as a hotel

A prerequisite for participation is the commitment of the entire management team of the hotel.