We all know the great feeling when you finally arrive at your dream holiday destination after a long, arduous journey. Unfortunately, many also know that a negative first impression of the hotel can put a damper on this joy right away.

The first impression is crucial for hotels, and it’s not just about the visual impression: strange smells and stuffy air degrade any hotel, no matter how glamorous, into a less attractive place to stay.

ARVE – a start-up with roots in Switzerland and Hong Kong has declared war on stuffy air in hotels. With their “Air-as-a-Service” service, the founders around Kaspar Zimmerli have combined the most advanced technologies such as sensor technology, IoT and Big Data to provide hoteliers with the best possible “air management”. The hotelier can monitor the air quality throughout the entire hotel at any time on the screen and take appropriate measures to guarantee excellent air quality in all rooms.

In the first phase, the start-up concentrated mainly on the Asian market and now wants to gain a foothold in Europe. For this reason, it became part of the Lausanne Hotel School’s “village de l’innovation”. EHL’s established network opens up numerous opportunities for partnerships and contacts with potential customers.

One of these opportunities was found by the founders together with the Hotel Management School Thun in their ” The LAB Hotel”. “The LAB Hotel” is an innovation laboratory in the form of a hotel. Young entrepreneurs, like the founders of ARVE, can test their products and services there in a real setting. This allows ARVE not only to prove the impact of its solution, but also to win numerous hoteliers as customers at the same time.

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